About Us

COXCO2, Inc. provides management and technology consulting.  Drawing upon knowledge, distinguished professionals, and innovative analytics, we develop solutions to simple or complex issues.  Our approach to these issues is strengthened by expertise in information technology, organizational improvement, process and project management, and home improvement. 

Since 1995, we have been serving major corporations, local and federal government as well as residential customers.  At our core are a set of values that define who we are.  We see these as enduring principles that give meaning to our work beyond simply earning our pay.

  • Serve clients by seeking assignments, putting forth our best efforts, and achieving high levels of client satisfaction.

  • Balance teamwork to achieve significant synergies while providing the flexibility to innovate.

  • Recognize individual staff based on their contribution to our collective success.

  • Create an enjoyable and exciting place to work that fosters development and welcomes differences of style.

  • Display honesty and integrity in our service and our dealings with clients, colleagues, and suppliers; take personal responsibility for our actions and services.

  • Maintain a well-deserved reputation for excellence based on the rigorous application of intellect and practical experience.

  • Thrive in a competitive environment by maintaining clear market insight, taking reasonable risks, and outperforming our competitors.

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